Disk utilities

                 (this section is intended to keep these programs alive - I intend to expand it with VMS/Unix and other historical software)


22dsk139.zip (converts, formats, and manipulates diskettes in over 100 CP/M 2.2 formats)
Alien14.zip (reads/copies around 300 different CP/M formats)
anad206.zip (menu-driven analyze/repair/copy/edit/search/format/inspect disk utility)
copydsk.zip (disk copier)
copyq301.zip (disk copier)
D88Utils.zip (utilities to manipulate .d88 images)
imd118.zip (Image Disk 1.18 - reads entire diskette images into files (type .IMD) and recreate a copies of the diskette from that image)
qcopy40.zip (disk copier)
SAMdisk3811.zip (transform from a format type to another)
teledisk_223.zip (create .td images of 5 1/4 and other disks and recreate them)
xdcpy200.zip (disk copier)
super copy 3.35 (superb and hard to find CPM disk copier)

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